Backend Developer from Munich, Germany

🐳 Dockering around very busily

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Skills Stack

I'm interested in backend development, product development and doing amazing stuff with data.

Backend & API Development
Go Node.js Perl REST GRPC MySQL PostgreSQL Firebase more...
Web & UI Development
Vue.js Nuxt.js ES 5+ MVC Css Preprocessors Bulma, Bootstrap more...
Data Stack & Automation
Python 2 , 3 Automation Cli Tooling Data Handling Data Selection / Cleaning NLP Data Analysis more...
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Experience Stack

I'm currently enrolled as a student at Jochen Schweizer in Munich, where I do agile work with e-commerce, ERP and backend systems.

September 2015 - 2017 Salesperson Direct Sales for Fahrrad Zimmermann
September 2016 - CURRENT Student Software Development at Jochen Schweizer Technology Solutions
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Project Stack

Started programming with 15. This is my project work I'm currently most proud of. These are projects I am still developing on.


Flow helps you to get shit done. It blocks distracting apps and websites and times your work.


Collection of really useful environment/setup files and scripts


Phillo's mission is to bring people together. To talk about there storys, opinions and expertise. Phillo is THE audio plattform to be creative on

Monthly Stats:
Commits ~ 154 ⬆
Projects ~ 23 ⬇
Work ~ 336 ⬆
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How to get in touch with me?

If you have an urgent request or a great idea you want to pitch to me, feel free to pick up the phone. Otherwise please use other ways to contact me.