me Lukas

now. Programmer from Germany. This is my cool, really important programmer portfolio. I hope that this torment with CSS was worth it

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If you have a cool problem, or want to talk to me then message me here

What I like...

A cool problem, Programming, Learning something new, Technology, Bikes, Enduro, Nature

What I dislike...

frontend development, scammers, social-credit-seekers, energy-eaters, ads, news, drama, bureaucracy, marketing bullshit

like 95% of my stuff is done with:

go, rust, python or nim

! Compiled languages are the future

Usually writing low level stuff with Rust or Nim, servers, automation and tooling with Go and data heavy projects like ETL processes with Python

Tools I like... (Hard&Software)

Git, Vim, Brave Browser, Docker, Bitwarden, MacBook Pro, Arch Linux, tmux, Pandas, NumPy, Parcel(makes js bundling easier, good direction for js ecos), WASD/CODE Keyboards, Pandoc

What type of developer am I?

When I design product I:

... usually try to create a decentralized version instead of a centralized version. An anonymous version indstead of a user login. Lesser amazing features instead of a lot messed up features.

... think of a problem to be solved in the easiest possible way. I do things rather fast and proactive, and yes sure it takes longer that way, but it also makes me happy to learn that way.

Things to say...

When it becomes work and does not remain learning, it becomes creeping, pressing, bland, unwanted.

I value privacy and self will so anything you do here is secure. I dont log anything, run analytics or track you.